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The Real Secret is simple, sensible, scientifically supported self help
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The Happiness Habits Experiment Results are out!

In our ‘Happiness Habits Experiment’ we asked people to undertake between one and six simple activities daily for three weeks. The results show that daily repetition of exercises – like smiling, being kind to others and repeating positive affirmations – really did raise happiness levels. And better still, some of these activities can become habits in as little as three weeks. When Happiness Habits, like any other habits, become embedded, people no longer have to even think about them, they just become second nature and the underlying structure of a happier life.

Below is the executive summary highlighting the key facts and findings. 

Executive Summary
  • Happiness is critical to the well-being and functioning of individuals and society; emotional well-being is more strongly related to good health and living longer than obesity is to dying earlier.
  • Individuals have the power to raise and maintain their own happiness levels. Happiness is ‘contagious’, so happier people improve the well-being of others.
  • ‘Happiness Habits’ is an evidence-based way to raise happiness and treat low level depression and anxiety.
  • The most effective Happiness Habits were ‘Spreading Happiness’, ‘Simply Smile’ and ‘Three Good Things’.
  • Simpler Happiness Habits can become embedded within three weeks; others may take longer
  • Working on three Happiness Habits at a time is the ideal number to raise happiness levels
  • Happiness Habits present challenges to learn, but once embedded have a powerful effect. Remembering to do them is hard, even when you know they work
  • A Happiness Habits programme disseminated through schools and NHS GP surgeries offers  government massive opportunities to raise national well-being and save money

The full report can be viewed here and will also appear on this blog page section by section over the next few days.

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