The Real Secret is a different kind of self help. We debunk the empty promises of so many books and DVDs and bring you a simple, sensible approach to real life fulfillment. We don't believe you can achieve happiness, or anything else, by simply wishing for, thinking about or visualising it. Our book - and this blog - takes only the best of what really works and turns it into a positive, practical 12-step programme that will enable you to take control of your life and raise your happiness levels.

* Learn Happiness Habits from Positive Psychology * Tame your Fear with Cutting Edge Neuroscience * Control your Time and Money like an Entrepreneur * Build Better Relationships through one Tested Technique

The Real Secret is simple, sensible, scientifically supported self help
by Lucy McCarraher & Annabel Shaw


And yet more praise for The Real Secret...

"The notion of choice and personal responsibility lies at the core of every journey to healing. As a psychodynamically trained therapist, I have run a practice for twenty years and have used many self help and personal growth books to support my client's therapeutic journeys. There is no panacea for happiness or success in life, however The Real Secret offers a structured approach to gaining healthy emotional habits – a form of CBT if you like – which is therapeutically sound. I agree with the common sense approaches which keep its readers safely grounded in the real world. 
Dot Palmer Fry BSc, RGN, RHV, BACPExecutive Coach, Management Consultant and Psychotherapist 

“This worthwhile book will guide you through changed thinking and behaviour patterns, helping you to acquire useful skills and powerful insights to improve the quality of your life, work and relationships. Amongst self help books, The Real Secret is low on jargon and high on useful information and techniques.  The strong format uses practical and psychological exercises which lead the way to greater autonomy, personal empowerment  and making the choices you need to achieve the outcome that you want.”
Jane Matheson MBACP (Accred), Cert. Couple Counselling (Relate)

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