The Real Secret is a different kind of self help. We debunk the empty promises of so many books and DVDs and bring you a simple, sensible approach to real life fulfillment. We don't believe you can achieve happiness, or anything else, by simply wishing for, thinking about or visualising it. Our book - and this blog - takes only the best of what really works and turns it into a positive, practical 12-step programme that will enable you to take control of your life and raise your happiness levels.

* Learn Happiness Habits from Positive Psychology * Tame your Fear with Cutting Edge Neuroscience * Control your Time and Money like an Entrepreneur * Build Better Relationships through one Tested Technique

The Real Secret is simple, sensible, scientifically supported self help
by Lucy McCarraher & Annabel Shaw


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"Having written about mental health issues for many years, I find in The Real Secret a practical, positive programme that could be usefully implemented by almost anyone. Young or old, male or female, depressed or simply dissatisfied, The Real Secret's 12 Steps focus on key areas for building greater personal happiness. While I mistrust the way happiness has been adopted as a fashionable must-have in life, we naturally all want to feel as contented and at ease with ourselves and our lives as possible, and that is what this sensible, well-founded guide is offering."
Angela Neustatter, Journalist and Author of Talking About Myself series of young people’s books and This Is Our Time - an adult guide to the challenges of mid-life.

"The Real Secret is an accessible and readable popular book with a comprehensive bibliography that backs up its main points. The book debunks myths around 'thinking yourself well',  has a good simple chapter on improving relationships, including tips on empathic listening; some useful information and exercises on how to manage stress, anxiety (fight and flight effects) as well as some clear practical steps to aid setting achievable goals based on CBT principles.
Barbarette Mortimer, Psychotherapist, MBACP (Accred)

"The Real Secret is a self help book designed for individuals to achieve happiness in their lives. It is written in an easy to understand and methodical way where readers can work step by step through the habit forming exercises. It empowers the reader to make changes, at their own pace, through well known and new techniques to take control of their life.”
Jenny Sladen, Personal Development Coach, JRS Life Coaching

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